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Ancient History, Modern Vision

Ancient History, Modern Vision

Cecil Vinegar Works, has been manufacturing naturally fermented vinegar since 1936.

All our vinegars are produced from natural ingredients using the latest submerged fermentation technology.

Our range covers a wide spectrum of naturally fermented vinegar products, and is offered in bulk tanker loads from 5,000L to 30,000L, in 1,000L flow bins and in 220L drums.

We also supply the catering and home industry sectors in 5L and 25L drums.

We specialise in contract packing vinegar under the Buyer's Label for both the domestic and export markets.

Our vinegars are available in all supermarkets across South Africa under the Safari and Cecil brands in pack sizes from 250ml to 2L in PET and glass packaging.

The Virtues of Vinegar

Being a product that has been around for centuries isn't always easy. While this enduring lifecycle is certainly proof of the appeal of vinegar, there is plenty of opportunity for misconceptions about vinegar to develop.

If it says "Vinegar" then it is "Vinegar".

No misconception here! Or at least there shouldn't be. But there is something more you should know.

Although South African food laws determine that acetic acid may not be labelled as vinegar, some unethical bottlers will fraudulently substitute diluted acetic acid and offer it as naturally fermented vinegar.

Natural Vinegars

Since they are naturally fermented they contain natural trace elements and nutrients derived from the raw materials source which are good for your health.

South African Natural Vinegar Manufacture Association (SANVA) was founded to protect consumers and distinguish naturally fermented vinegar from the synthetic alternative, and has established a seal which appears on the labels of most bottles of naturally fermented vinegar.

Vinegar Production

Spirit Vinegar

Our Spirit vinegar is produced from the finest alcohol distilled from sugar cane. It has an off-neutral taste and is widely used as a natural acidifying ingredient by food and condiment producers. It is also an economical flavour enhancer when used in home cooking.

Safari Range

A 5% - 14% Yes
Rectified Cane Spirit White and Brown

Grape Vinegar

Grape Vinegar is the ideal basic cooking vinegar. Being an unrefined product, Grape vinegar contains potassium and magnesium as well as various trace elements which are essential for good health.

Safari Range 

A+ 5% - 10% No
Distilling Wine White, Golden Yellow and Brown

Wine Vinegar

Wine Vinegar is rich in flavour and aroma. It is widely used in the pickling industry as well as for home cooking by consumers who prefer vinegar with a distinctive wine character.

Cecil Vinegar Range

A 6% - 10% No
Cabernet Red Wine /
Colombar White Wine
Ruby Red /
Golden Yellow

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is produced from juice extracted from apples grown in the Elgin district of the Western Cape. It is suitable for use in making salad dressings and is also believed by health-conscious consumers to have therapeutic properties.

Safari Range (PET)  Cecil Vinegar Range (Glass)

A+ 5% - 7% No
Distilling Wine White, Golden Yellow and Brown

Imported Range

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar is the choice of the discerning gourmets. To satisfy demand from local consumers, we bottle Balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy.

Cecil Vinegar Range

A 5% - 6% On special order / request
Wine and fermented grapes White and Brown

Malt Vinegar

Malt Vinegar is made from alcohol derived from malted barley. It is traditional English Vinegar associated with fish and chip vendors. It is also popular with cottage industry traditionalists for pickling purposes.

Safari Range

A 5% - 6% Yes
Malted Barley White and Brown

Rice Vinegar

Rice Vinegar is produced from rice wine and is a milder, sweeter and more delicate alternative to regular vinegar. Enjoyed by the Chinese for thousands of years, rice vinegar compliments all oriental dishes.

Safari Range

A 5% - 10% No
Rice Wine White