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Safari is an heirloom brand trusted by generations of South African consumers. We offer you a wide range of natural vinegars available from all leading retailers and quality stores.

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Spirit & Grape Vinegars

Spirit Vinegar is produced from the finest alcohol distilled from sugar cane. It has an off-neutral taste and is widely used as a natural acidifying ingredient by food and condiment producers. It is also an economical flavour enhancer when used in home cooking.

Grape Vinegar is the ideal basic cooking vinegar. Being an unrefined product, Grape vinegar contains potassium and magnesium as well as various trace elements which are essential for good health.

Pickled Vegetables

24 Months
750ml / 25.36 fl.oz
Ø 77 x 235mm
320 x 230 x 250mm
790g / 9.89kg
14 / 7
98 (P=1.2x1x1.9m)


Apple Cider, Malt & Rice Vinegars

Apple Cider Vinegar is produced from juice extracted from apples grown in the Elgin district of the Western Cape. Apple Cider vinegar is suitable for use in making salad dressings and is also believed by health-conscious consumers to have therapeutic properties.

Malt Vinegar is made from alcohol derived from malted barley. It is the traditional English vinegar associated with fish and chip vendors. It is also popular with cottage industry traditionalists for pickling purposes.

Rice Vinegar is produced from rice wine and is a milder, sweeter and more delicate alternative to regular vinegar. Enjoyed by the Chinese for thousands of years, rice vinegar compliments all oriental dishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

24 Months
375ml / 12.68 fl.oz
Ø 62 x 195mm
386 x 260 x 206mm
400g / 9.8kg
12 / 7
84 (P=1.2x1x1.6m)